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DB2 administration server

The DB administration server (DAS) provides support services for DB2 tools such as the Control Center and the Configuration Assistant.
DAS assists the Control Center and Configuration Assistant when working on the following administration tasks:
• Enabling remote administration of DB2 UDB servers.
• Providing the facility for job management,
• Administrative tasks against jobs located either remotely or locally to the DAS using the Task Center.
• Providing a means for discovering information about the configuration of DB2 UDB instances, databases, and other DB2 administration.

To create a DAS, you must have root user authority on UNIX operating systems or you must be using an account that has the correct authorization to create a service.
You can only have one DAS in a database server.

1) Login as root
2) Ensure that dasusr1 user is created

[root@mercury instance]# cd /opt/ibm/db2/V9.1/instance
[root@mercury instance]# ./dascrt -u dasusr1

-u DASuser
DASuser is the user ID under which the DAS will be created. The DAS will be created under the /home/DASuser/das directory.