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Change the password for the FileBased Registry users in WAS

Question : Change/Reset the password for the FileBased Registry users in WAS console
Answer : This can be done by the Manager Users option in the admin console .


  1. Log in to the console of impact, which by default is https://servername:9060/ibm/consoleconsole_login
  2. Login as User ID = wasadmin password= <CURRENT PASSWORD>
  3. Then Click on User and Groups >> Managed Users
  4. Click on Search button, this will display the users you have:


5.  Click on  “wasadmin”.  The following window will come up:


6.  Enter the new password in the Password field and Confirm password. Then click OK. Sync the Nodes

7. Log out from this page.

8. Restart the Server

9. Login with the new Password

Change the Password for Wasadmin in Websphere

Questions : Forgot password and cannot access WebSphere Application Server administrative console

Questions : Manually change the wasadmin WebSphere Application Server

Answer : If the wasadmin ID is in the File Based Registry

WARNING: Please use this as the last resort and make sure the server is not in the middle of processing any transactions.

There are 2 possible methods for disabling security:
By way of wsadmin command:

  1. Login to the Dmgr as the OS user
  2. Navigate to  /<WAS_INSTALL_DIR>/bin/
  3. Execute $./wsadmin -conntype NONE
  4. wsadmin> securityoff
  5. wsadmin> exit
  6. Restart the servers.
  7. Enable the security from administrative console.
  8. Restart the servers.


By way of manual edit of security.xml file, which is typically located in

<WAS_POFILE_HOME>/config/cells<CELL_NAME> /:

  1. Create a copy for security.xml file, in case you need to roll back.
  2. Disable the security from the security.xml file (change the very first occurrence of… enabled=”true” to enabled=”false”)
  3. Sync the Nodes
  4. Restart the servers.
  5. Enable the security from administrative console.
  6. Restart the servers.


If WAS is using LDAP for the Authentication and authorization .

Ask the LDAP Administrator to reset the password for wasadmin