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Change the Password for Wasadmin in Websphere

Questions : Forgot password and cannot access WebSphere Application Server administrative console

Questions : Manually change the wasadmin WebSphere Application Server

Answer : If the wasadmin ID is in the File Based Registry

WARNING: Please use this as the last resort and make sure the server is not in the middle of processing any transactions.

There are 2 possible methods for disabling security:
By way of wsadmin command:

  1. Login to the Dmgr as the OS user
  2. Navigate to  /<WAS_INSTALL_DIR>/bin/
  3. Execute $./wsadmin -conntype NONE
  4. wsadmin> securityoff
  5. wsadmin> exit
  6. Restart the servers.
  7. Enable the security from administrative console.
  8. Restart the servers.


By way of manual edit of security.xml file, which is typically located in

<WAS_POFILE_HOME>/config/cells<CELL_NAME> /:

  1. Create a copy for security.xml file, in case you need to roll back.
  2. Disable the security from the security.xml file (change the very first occurrence of… enabled=”true” to enabled=”false”)
  3. Sync the Nodes
  4. Restart the servers.
  5. Enable the security from administrative console.
  6. Restart the servers.


If WAS is using LDAP for the Authentication and authorization .

Ask the LDAP Administrator to reset the password for wasadmin