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List DB2 Diagnostic Details

List DB2 Diagnostic Informaiton

“Db2pd “ tool runs on Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms and can give you diagnostic information very quickly and in a very non intrusive manner.

Using db2pd you can display information about applications, databases, instances, transactions, bufferpools, logs, dynamic and static sql, memory pools and much more

You can redirect the results to a file using the “db2pd -file outfile_name”
If there is a need to check or find out which DB2 instance you are working on now, …

[db2inst1@mercury ~]$ db2pd -inst | head -2

ScreenShot : Lists the DB2 Diagnostic Information

To see information about the system you are running on run “db2pd -osinfo”

[db2inst1@mercury ~]$ db2pd -osinfo

ScreenShot : Lists the DB2 Diagnostic Information 2