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Start DB2 Instance

Start DB2 Instance
Starts the current database manager instance background processes on a single database partition or
on all the database partitions defined in a partitioned database environment ie (db2node.cfg)

1) Switch User to the Db2 Instance User
2) Check if the db2 process is running using the “ps -ef | grep db2sys” where db2sysc is the DB2 engine (instance)
3) Execute “db2start”
4) Check once again for the db2sys process

[root@mercury instance]# su – db2inst1
[db2inst1@mercury ~]$ ps -ef | grep db2sys

[db2inst1@mercury ~]$ db2start
05/23/2011 22:38:42 0 0 SQL1063N DB2START processing was successful.
SQL1063N DB2START processing was successful.

[db2inst1@mercury ~]$ ps -ef | grep db2sys
db2inst1 10850 10849 19 22:38 pts/7 00:00:00 db2sysc 0
db2inst1 10864 10747 0 22:38 pts/7 00:00:00 grep db2sys

 ScreenShot: Db2start command

5) Check the db2diag.logs for any errors