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MQ Error : AMQ7155: License file not found or not valid

After we update the  Trial License of MQ with the Production License of the MQ .

Sometimes we may get the error “AMQ7155: License file not found or not valid”  when we start the Queue Manager


Click HERE for the details to update the Prod MQ License

Some reasons for this error

Step 1: License File missing : Check if the amqpcert.lic file is available in “/opt/mqm/lib”

Step 2: Permission Issue : Check if the permissions is proper in “/opt/mqm/lib” for the .lic files in it

Step 3: Multiple License file Available :  When we run the setmqprd command the /opt/mqm/lib may also have the Trail MQ license file amqtcert.lic .

As the “/opt/mqm/lib”  has both the Trail MQ license file (amqtcert.lic) and Prod MQ license file (amqpcert.lic) . The MQ is not able to identify which one it should use and hence gives an error
Step 4 :  Remove  the Trail MQ license file (amqtcert.lic) from the “/opt/mqm/lib” folder.  The Queue Manager will pick up the changes once it is started back up.

bash-3.2$ cd /opt/mqm/lib/
bash-3.2$rm amqtcert.lic

Step 5: Start the Queue Manager and check if starts properly




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